How To Start A Blog

Let’s start with a riddle? What is common to both Linda Ikeji and Bella 9ja? What do you say? Did you say they are both blogs, that is correct!
Yes you got our little riddle and I am delighted for you. Those two are both blogs and boy they are killing enormous traffic!

If you ever like to write about things which interest you, owning a blog is by far the fastest and cheapest way to sharing your ideas with the world. A blog is very convenient, easy to set up and easier to run and maintain.

You don’t have to have a master’s degree in rocket science before you can familiarize yourself with the basic rudiments of running a blog effectively. There are no topics you cannot talk about and you are the boss of yourself, you have absolute control on when, where and how you are going to post your content. It’s beautiful, yes beautiful indeed.

But then there is more…

Your blog can be a medium of making money, yes easy cool cash.

Did I get your interest now?

Well it is true but if you are only about making money with your blog, I suggest you drop that school of thought now. Making money with your blog require hard work, so much that if you don’t have passion about what you are writing, you won’t make much. So making money is all about running an effective blog or website. Now to my favourite question, just ho do you create a blog?

Where To Start

Blogging like everything in this world, need tools to work. If you will running a blog, there are a few things you must have.

1. A device that can connect to the internet

It can be a tab, phone or a personal computer. Just makes sure it can connect to the internet and you are on point.

2. Good Internet Connection

I usually get frustrated when my connection snail speeds, I guess you do to. You will be posting periodically, so chose a good internet plan on a network that has the best connection in your area.

What To Do

There are many platforms that offers you the power to create blogs (that is you can register on their website and create your blog at no cost at all) but I will stick to the ones I know. You can use



Blogger is owned by Google and it’s by far the easiest way to start blogging. All you need is to register with your gmail (don’t have a gmail account? Register here. If you have one already, Google will accept that, no bother opening another)

Simply go to and fill in the details. Choose a suitable name for your blog. Please note, although you can choose any name, I suggest you choose a name that is telling of the kind of pots you will be uploading. For example, if you are writing about cats, you should chose a name that is relating to (for example Catsworld or AboutMyCats). If you are running a self-help blog, you should chose a name that suggests what you’re doing.

What Is The .blogspot That Is Added To Your Blog Name

Since you are using their free service, Blogger will add the .blogspot extension to your blog name. This have advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is since you are affiliated to Blogger, Google tales care of your Search Engine Optimizationservice. You don’t have to work so hard before people start to see your posts.

A major disadvantage is your blog looks unprofessional and you are restricted in designing your blog and adding your own touch.

The good news you can remove the .blogspot extension if you like. You will required to buy a domain name. I bought mine from Once the domain is live, you can remove the .blogspot extension. Learn more here.

The Set Up

Once the blog is set, you can play around the controls. On the left side, you will see things like, posts, pages, starts, layout etc. Make sure you get familiar with every one of these button before you start posting. You can’t learn everything at once, you have to learn on the job.


Just like Blogger, WordPress offers you the ability to create a blog. But it’s setup is easier to control and more mobile friendly. It is possible to control the set up of a WordPress blog from your phone, Blogger doesn’t allow this unless you are using a sophisticated phone like Samsung and IPhone.
To register for WordPress, log on to and sign in with your email.

WordPress will also give you an extension if you are using their self service. It can also be removed when you incorporated a self hosted domain name.


Blogger and WordPress have mobile apps from which you can control them. There is no need to carry your laptop or tab around. You have absolute control from the tips of your fingers on your little portable phone.

Now You Know

Congratulations. If you want to have a blog, I am sure you know what to do from here. The blog is yours and yours alone and you can post about anything that catches your fancy. I am looking forward to seeing your posts soon.
That a rap folks, see you later


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